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Wheel Alignment

Supertracker - The latest technology in Wheel Alignment

The Benefits of Correct Wheel Alignment/Geometry

Why not take advantage of our Wheel Alignment service?

Read on to get an idea of the benefits & facts of correctly aligned wheels,

Every part of your cars steering and suspension helps it to travel in a straight line, all of these parts affect its alignment. A slight bump into the kerb, driving over a speed bump, a pothole or similar can affect the alignment of your cars wheels, so we suggest regular and thorough checks and adjustments if required. If these important adjustments are not carried out your vehicle could pull to one side and cause excessive tyre wear.

Wheel alignment, also known as tracking or geometry, measures whether your wheels & tyres are parallel to one another when the vehicle is being driven, thus ensuring that you car exerts equal load on all areas of its tyres, and drives in a true straight line whilst maintaining maximum contact with the road surface at all times.

There are many key benefits to wheel alignment:

  • When wheels are misaligned they either point inwards towards each other or outwards away from each other this is called ‘toe-in’ or “toe out” either can result in a narrow strip on the tyres inner or outer tread wearing down prematurely.

    Wheels and suspension have another angle called the “camber” angle which on some cars is adjustable – this is whether the wheel in its upright plane either leans in at the top or in at the bottom. This measurements and adjustments is also critical to the performance and handling of a vehicle
  • Regular wheel alignment checks and any adjustments required will mean that your tyres will wear more evenly, and give you the best mileage possible whilst giving your car the largest possible “footprint”.
  • When wheels are correctly aligned, and tyres correctly inflated the weight of their load is carried and displaced evenly across all four tread surfaces, this will reduce rolling resistance and in turn help toward better fuel economy, saving on fuel these days is well worth the price of an alignment check at DTE Motoring Centres.
  • With correctly aligned wheels, the handling of the vehicle will improve – you the driver will have much greater feedback from the steering wheel whilst cornering and the vehicle will naturally want to drive in a straight line. This will reduce driver input and possible fatigue on long journeys.

At DTE Motoring Centres we offer wheel alignment checks and adjustment using the latest technologies, all staff undergo intensive training by experts. This ensures a good understanding and accurate adjustments/ measurements every time. Resulting in great handling and control of your vehicle - a difference you can feel!